Cerisol was founded in 1912 and operated until 1945 dedicated to the production of miscellaneous electrical appliances.

Cerisol post insulators have been used in Turkish market since 2010 in many projects not only by contractors but also OEMs.

Under service conditions, the post insulator is submitted to electrical and mechanical stresses according to the parameters of the service site and the performance rating of the switchgear. The most comprehensive range of post insulators up to highest AC and DC system voltages is supplied by Cerisol and supplied by Mutay. Rotating rods for these Post Insulators are also available.

Depending on environmental conditions and the requested pollution performance of the insulator, we are able to supply post insulators according your special design requirements.

Cerisol is capable of finding the optimized solutions for each customer’s specific requirements. By interacting with the experts that define the final application of the insulators, we can produce a solution not only better suited but one which is producible at the lowest cost.


Emco Industries Limited is a member of the Imperial Group of Companies namely

• The Imperial Electric Company ( PVT) Limited
• ICC ( PVT) Limeted
• Arabian Electric Transmission Line
• ICC Textile Limited
• Associated Engineers ( PVT ) Limited

The parent company, The Imperial Electric Company ( PVT) Limited was established in 1931 and had been involved in the trading of electrical goods. Soon after the creation of Pakistan, the need for import substitution was felt and the sponsors of the parent company made a decision to establish a manufacturing unit for electrical goods.

In 1951, a very modest beginning was made by setting up a small facility located in the premises of the Imperial Electric Company for the production of electrical accessories. The insulator manufacturing plant was operated with active participation, know-how and machinery coming from Japan and France. Keeping pace with the ever increasing and diversified demand for insulators for national utilities and electrical industries in Pakistan, it was decided in 1965 to expand the facilities to produce all types of insulators, including, those who required for extra tension lines.

Since electrical ceramics is highly specialized industry requiring skill, experience, time tested formula and proven know how, Emco signed a technical collaboration agreement for 15 years with NGK insulators limited, Japan who are the world’s largest and most renowned manufactures of insulators. In 1967, the present plant located at Lahore-Sheikhupura Road was commissioned. With the active participation of the personnel from NGK Insulators, Japan and Pakistani engineers’ untiring efforts, Emco was producing quality insulators using mostly local raw materials. The plant is now manned by a team of highly qualified and experienced Pakistani engineers apart over 600 technicians.

The company has a present installed annual capacity for production of 6500-7000 tons of insulators.

Mutay Energy has agreement with Emco since 2010. Mutay Energy supply transformer bushings, disc insulators and pin type insulators from Emco.


Mutay Energy supplies toughened glass insulators from Shandong Ruitai since 2016. Shandong Ruitai’s toughened glass insulators fully comply with TEIAS technical specifications.


TEIAS witnessed to many factory acceptance tests in Shandong Ruitai and all tests passed successfully. Glass insulators that we supply from Shandong Ruitai have gained a worldwide reputation of quality and reliability which constitute a unique point of reference in modern insulator technology.