Our R&D department conduct the following experiments; 

-Input quality control tests of raw materialintermediate and final controls of products. 

In the input quality control tests, moisture analysis to raw materials, acid resistance test, loss of ignition test and dimensional analysis are performed. 

In the intermediate control tests, the particle size analysis, moisture, density and flowability of the semi-finished mud are checked. 

The experiments performed in the last controls are listed below; 


Paint Penetration Test 

  • The paint penetration test on fired products aims to detect the presence of continuous and interconnected pores or micro cracks that may cause the loss of dielectric properties. 
  • The dye solution is prepared with ethanol and fuxin dye. The test is carried out on the fuxin tester. 
  • In case of the presence of pores or micro cracks, the products are separated as wastes. 

Verification of Dimensions 

  • It is checked whether the insulators meet the required measurement requirements specified in the relevant standards. Products that do not meet the required measurement requirements are separated as waste. 

Bending Strength Control 

  •  Bending strength of insulators is controlled. For this control, samples are prepared in the laboratory from the mud used in the isolators. These samples are fired under the same conditions as the insulators and their controls are performed in the strength device. 

Type Tests

With this test, the strengths of the products are tested according to the classification specified in TS11238 EN60673-3 standard. 

In addition to routine tests carried out in the R & D department, type tests of products are carried out in contracted laboratories. Type tests include impulse voltage test, temperature change test, mechanical endurance test. 

All tests are carried out in accordance with TS11237 EN60672-2 standard. The test results are recorded within the scope of ISO9001: 2015 and delivered to our customers upon request.